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Every year the same question is asked by players and parents as they try and decide what the best path to achieve their hockey objectives.

According to a survey of college coaches, the most heavily scouted leagues were all at the level of Junior Hockey. Junior Hockey provides many opportunities for a player to improve and showcase their individual and team skills.

The opportunities are provided through a schedule of highly competitive league games and participation in showcase and league tournaments including national tournaments.

Additionally, Junior Hockey clubs frequently provide additional training and educational opportunities that enhance the player’s educational and current training programs. Hockey East recruit almost all their players from the ranks of Junior Hockey.


Founded in 2012, the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) is comprised of the NCDC, Premier and Elite league levels. Teams are geographically diverse, ranging from North to South to the Midwest, and now, the Ontario / Quebec Division

The USPHL is uniquely positioned to facilitate a clear path way for players who are looking to progress through Junior Hockey on to college and professional hockey. This provides a critical step in the progression to fulfilling a player’s ultimate goal of becoming a collegiate or professional hockey player.

Teams have been selected to participate in specific USPHL divisions based upon geography, strong player pools, rink ownership, financial strength and history of success and integrity at the highest level.

The ultimate goal of the USPHL is to prepare and develop players for college hockey (and beyond) through a tiered development program.

Unlike any other league in North America, within the USPHL it is possible for a player to advance through an organization starting at mites and ending in junior hockey.

The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL), which operates in 17 of the 50 United States, and Eastern Canada, and is the Nation’s largest amateur ice hockey league. Overall, the USPHL has had over 2,500 players advance to the collegiate level; and even more have advanced to other levels of the game.


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