About The Knights

There are many junior hockey teams in Canada to choose from. Most offer a lot of the same bpros and cons, so why should you choose to play for the Hawkesbury Knights of the USPHL Premier League.

The Knights, as you will come to see, will have the most in depth structure offered to guarantee future opportunities for its players.

Like any great hockey program, it all  starts with a first class hockey staff. The Knights are lead by former NHL Hockey Player and team owner Shawn Anderson.

Shawn will serve as the head coach of the team and makes it a point to surround himself with some of the best hockey people in the business. Shawn is the former head coach of the Hawkesbury Hawks Junior A Club of the CCHL, one of the top leagues in North America. Shawn retired from professional hockey in 2004, in which he spent twenty years playing the game of hockey all over the world including time in the NHL, AHL, IHL, Europe, Team Canada and the University of Maine.

With his world experience Shawn immediately went from being a professional hockey player to becoming a professional hockey instructor and creating Hockey Specific Training (HST). Over the past fifteen years Shawn has been teaching the game of hockey to thousands of players which include players from the age of five all the way up to the pros. With the respect he has earned and his contract across all levels, Shawn has helped an entire generation of hockey players move on to Major Junior Hockey, the NCAA and beyond.

Shawn is a Hockey Canada NCCP Certified Advance Level 1 coach which puts him in an elite class of educated coaches. Shawn and his staff work in the hockey industry day in and day out. They live and breath hockey 24/7 so every hockey player who is part of this program will no doubt improve on every level of their game.


  • Will serve as the Knights Head Coach.
  • Hockey Canada NCCP Certified Advance Level 1
  • Former head coach of the Hawkesbury Hawks Junior A Hockey Club of the Central Canada Hockey League.
  • Retired as a player in 2004
  • Played 20 years all over the world
    • NHL
    • AHL
    • IHL
    • Europe
    • Canadian Men’s Hockey Team
    • University of Maine